Welcome to the Satorix documentation. Here you will find details on your Satorix Hosting Cluster and getting your application running.

Satorix Dashboard

This area details using the powerful web dashboard to manage applications in your Satorix Cloud environment.

Your Satorix Dashboard is a central location to create and manage applications in your Satorix Cloud. It allows you to create a project in your Gitlab repository and once the project is created you can manage it's configuration using the following sections:

  • Scaling: Controlling the number of instances of your application processes
  • App Variables: Environment variables to be passed into your application
  • Resources: Database resources for your application
  • Domains: Domains that should be routed to your application
  • Certificates: SSL certificates for domains associated with the project
  • Log: Error and access logs for the application
  • Users: Adding and editing single sign-on Satorix users.
  • Account: Manage your billing and company information with Satorix.

Hosting Cluster

Hosting Cluster Articles that describe the general technical details of using the Satorix Hosting Environment that will allow you to get practically any application programming language up and running.

Language Articles

Language Articles detail how to get applications from supported programming languages working in your Satorix Hosting Environment.