Hosting Cluster Articles

These are articles detailing general information about how Satorix functions and how to configure your application to get it working on your Satorix Hosting Cluster.

Using Satorix

  • Cloud provider details: Specifications on the resources created to make up your Satorix Cloud.
  • Application environment variables: Details on the built in Satorix Environment Variables that you can utilize in your application and an example of using custom environment variables in your application.
  • Application domains: Routing domains to your application and setting up DNS to point to those domains.
  • Custom Services: Getting a custom service working on your Satorix Hosting Cluster.
  • Custom Satorix Jobs: Creating custom jobs for CI/CD. Used to create test and deployment jobs.
  • Database management: Managing Database resources and the data contained in them.
  • Cloud backup: How your Satorix Cloud backups are handled.